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Call and send messages to anyone, anywhere Viber is an instant messaging and audio application for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Viber offers free high-quality audio and video calls protected over secure encrypted connections. Viber also allows users to sync their history and transfer calls between their mobile device and desktop. Create and manage your contacts and groups wherever you want to use Viber’s comprehensive handling and chat conversations wherever you want – whether it’s a private chat, video call, plain text or quick sticker or GIF – Viber offers a single app to communicate with people around you. With a Viber account, you can keep these connections on all your devices – phone, tablet or PC. The Viber functions on several platforms keep you connected at home and on the go. Other functions (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Record and send voice or video messages instantly Additional video sharing features, music, GIFs, and instances created by third-party developers with the Viber Connect privacy API, which lets you sign in with your Viber ID to connect with friends and contacts. Once connected, you can swap gifts and prizes in the game or simply compare pride symbols. If you’re in a mobile game, Viber creates a bigger case than WhatsApp. The most popular competition with Viber is WhatsApp, an application that also has messaging and VoIP. Both apps have a synced desktop and WhatsApp is available for Windows or Mac. Viber too, but also includes Linux support, which is a welcome addition to this hat. To date, both applications have the same high-quality HD features as users have access to the high bandwidth of two competing applications, and Viber has more services that are easily accessible via the main interface. However, the extended service costs money: now users have to deal with the annoyance of sticker ads that the app is trying to run. Despite the recent adoption of Facebook (which affected the status of the interface) WhatsApp is still cleaner, less confusing than just for services, Viber is more useful if not more than WhatsApp. An important factor in deciding to go to Viber against WhatsApp, however, is that the latter still has more users. In communication wars, this is an important difference. WhatsApp still has a huge fan base and therefore WhatsApp has more people to interact with than privacy. All information shared in Viber is protected by its internal encryption. Viber cannot read your personal conversations (either individually or in groups) or listen to any video or voice calls. Due to end-to-end basic encryption, Viber will not be able to access any sent or received messages. Group meetings and live chat are only visible to people. Viber does not have access to your personal or chat rooms to get started, which means that your company can not participate in targeting. Advertising. Your information may not be available or sold to third parties or advertisers, so you may not target ads related to topics discussed by you and your friends. This is a great advantage over many other social networking apps that do not make you avoid it and overcoming it is notalways free Warning and Viber is that all contactsTo keep it free, the sender and recipient must keep the application. Calling or sending messages to someone who is not in Viber is not free. If your friends and contacts still require you to use other applications, you can register as a Viber Outi user to call these numbers for all contacts for the free application. Viber is the best choice for calling, meeting or sending free messages to participating friends. Its connectivity options can have many features, but it is still intuitive for new users and offers a wide range of services, all protected by Vibers security and safety measures. The app also offers a variety of services and games, but in the end it comes from your many contacts, including new Viber software updates, and users can expect a new version every two weeks. Viber has recently added new stickers that are available via the chat card, as well as more group chat machines and simple sweeping options. Users can also check which version of Viber they are using by clicking the “About Viber” button on the “More” screen.

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